Our Services

Craig Rumbaugh, principal of Rumbaugh Financial, provides a holistic planning approach which means he comes by your side, listens to your story, asks what your financial and family goals are, and then builds a plan to achieve those goals with a high degree of confidence using stochastic modeling and other advanced planning tools.  Some of the services provided by Rumbaugh Financial include:


  • Financial Planning – We deliver a report with 50 -150 pages of color charts that provides clarity to your current income and assets, but more importantly, this report shows your future income during retirement years. You will be able to view the plan online as it is being developed, and provide your feedback face-to-face or online until your plan is satisfactory and you clearly understand your financial path both now and years ahead.

  • Advisory Accounts –  Rumbaugh Financial will actively manage your portfolios using exchange-traded funds (ETF’s), stocks, mutual funds and bond portfolios.  The design is to meet your custom financial needs (growth for the future, or income right now, or pass on to heirs, etc.) 

  • Disability Insurance – “The forgotten risk” can bankrupt families when the primary earner is disabled. The odds of becoming disabled is higher than the odds of dying. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), 1 of every 7 workers will suffer a 5 year or longer period of disability before age 65. Disability insurance can pay you up to 60% of your earnings so you can afford to keep your home and other lifestyle payments current.  We can assist you in being prepared for this possibility before something unfortunate happens.   

  • Legacy Planning – Rumbaugh Financial is prepared and educated to work closely with you and your Estate Planning Attorney to ensure your wealth is transferred cost-effectively, tax efficiently, and with maximum results.  We are a leader in multi-generational financial planning.

  • Charitable Causes – We work closely with non-profit charitable organizations that can provide an income stream to you during your lifetime, yet the contribution to the charity will be made in your lifetime. Two main benefits: you can see the charity benefit from your donation while you live; and the donation moves the cash out of your estate for tax planning purposes.

  • Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) –  You may think you do not need LTC, but basic coverage for 3 years will pay over $109,000.  If you don’t have LTC, the question is: do you have $109,000 saved just to pay for your future health needs?  Many other factors go into this decision, and LTC is not right for everyone, but Rumbaugh Financial is here to provide you with a complete assessment to determine if this is a product that would be beneficial for you to have.

  • Life Insurance –  These plans are designed to protect your family and those around you who may depend on you for financial support.  Although many times you want the most coverage for the least cost, you should give me some time to discuss what insurance can do for your family.  For example, advanced life insurance strategies can provide years of tax advantaged income during your retirement years.  We will analyze your situation and help you decide what plan best suits you and your family. 

  • Annuity – Have you ever compared interest rates for Certificate of Deposits (CD’s) at local banks?  They are not as simple as you may think.  It's important to add in the annual taxes you must pay on that interest, as well as the inflation base rate. On the other hand, when an annuity is purchased, you have tax deferred growth, indirect access to the market via indexed S&P 500 investment options, guaranteed 5% rates, international investment options, highest daily lock options, spousal continuation, other health or guaranteed payment riders – all designed to provide streams of lifetime income.  Rumbaugh Financial provides annuity facts and figures to you, allowing you to make a knowledgeable decision on this valuable product. 

  • For Business Owners – Key person coverage, funding buy/sell agreements and other advanced strategies come into play when you think about retiring and closing your business doors. We can show you options where after you retire you still have income or lump sum payments from your old business to support you during your retirement years.

  • Pension Services – Whether you have two employees or 52, one key reason to offer a pension plan is the contributions are deductible at the corporate level, saving sizable tax dollars. Other reasons to offer pension plans: with recent losses in 401k plans, employees now prefer to know what income they will have in retirement rather than the risk associated with gathering dollars in a 401k plan. Other reasons are employee retention and a wide variety of investments to chose from within a pension plan.  Rumbaugh Financial can provide the important data you need to assist in making your decisions on your employee pension plan.