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Our Mission Statement

It is our personalized, comprehensive and holistic approach that distinguishes Rumbaugh Financial Inc.  Remember your wealth is more than just your portfolio.  Therefore, we practice the art and science of wealth management by coordinating efforts that align your wealth, money and your personal life with your core values. The benefits you receive from this approach are a higher sense of financial integrity, less financial anxiety, as well as more financial freedom. 

At Rumbaugh Financial Inc., we are committed to having a positive impact in the lives of our clients.  We achieve this through a professional, one-on-one relationship with our exclusive clientele. It is our goal to work together with each individual client to determine their personal and financial goals and create a customized plan, then over time keep you accountable to your plan.  This plan will empower them to identify their most valued assets,  preserve the assets and  accumulate additional assets while successfully preparing for the short and long-term.